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Everyone Loved It But Me Podcast

with Lisa Hedger


Welcome to Everyone Loved It But Me. This is the podcast where we celebrate differences of opinion.

My guests and I take a deep dive at some extremely popular books that Everyone Loved But Me. There can still be thoughtful discussion about an overly admired book.

There’s no book bashing here. Instead, we talk candidly about our differing opinions of literature which leads to a richer discussion.

And, you’ll discover if you loved the books we discuss, you’ll view the books in a different light.



Lisa Hedger

Lisa Hedger is a longtime journalist, freelance writer, and editor. She was born and raised in Indiana and moved from the Northwest corner of Indiana to central Ohio in 2018. Lisa lives with her husband, two children and two beagles (who like to make guest appearances on the podcast). Reading is one of Lisa’s favorite hobbies and she is in at least four book clubs.

Lisa launched Everyone Loved It But Me, because she’s seen many people who don’t want to share their true feelings about a book – after everyone praises it. Her philosophy is literature is best when there’s real discussion which includes praise and constructive criticism of a book. If everyone loved the book and no one had a dissenting opinion, then the discussion would be boring.


Please note: We don’t book bash. We’d like you to re-read the book a few weeks before the recording if it’s been a few months since you’ve read it. We want to discuss the book indepth.
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