Show Notes

Lisa talks with Kate Reynolds a librarian from Canada, and they discuss popular author Roald Dahl and the publishers’ decision to edit his work. Lisa and Kate share their concerns with the edits. Kate discusses how an author gets an opportunity to spend a great deal of unsupervised time with children.

The edits are actually regressive – rather than progressive, Kate says during this episode.  Kate is known as the Lavender Librarian and is an openly autistic and queer librarian from Canada. In 2021, she founded Storytime Solidarity to create inclusive StoryTimes that welcome everyone. You can find her on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This discussion also delves into the massive problem with book banning and Kate recently wrote this article about book banning.

This story from the Wall Street Journal discusses the edits that were made in February, 2023 in Roald Dahl’s books. This article from The New York Times article addresses how edits have hit a number of authors including Agatha Christie, James Bond, etc..

Here’s a list of books for children who love Roald Dahl books and are looking for similar whimsical books.


Books discussed:

A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond

Aviva Versus the Dybbuk by Mari Lowe

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gailman

Big Wig by Jonathan Hillman

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