Where The Crawdads Sing Part 1

Show Notes

In this episode, Lisa shares her own “Everyone Loved It But Me” book. She discusses her challenges reading the popular book, The Christie Affair by Nina De Gramont. 

 This book, just released in 2022, has been extremely popular because it tries to solve the only Agatha Christie mystery that remains unsolved. For 11 days, in December 1926, Christie was missing and her car was found abandoned miles from her house. She was discovered 11 days later and had no memory of what transpired and said she had amnesia. 

 Lisa offers up some insight about the book without any spoilers.

 In this New York Times piece, Gramont shares how she decided to write the book, which was after she discovered that Christie had given the surname of her husband’s mistress when she checked into the hotel during her disappearance. 

Christie is the best-selling fiction writer of all time, and her books have become movies and plays. The Christie family website is a treasure trove of insight about her personally, her family, her writing, and her disappearance. The site says she never told anyone – including family – what happened during those 11 days. There are many articles, including this one, that speculates what might have transpired. 

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